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Лучшее оборудование

Лучшее оборудование

Мы проводим постоянный мониторинг и исследования рынка серверного, сетевого оборудования и СХД, изучаем его тенденции и новинки. Лучшее из этого мы используем в построении своего облака.

Имея огромный опыт промышленной эксплуатации оборудования, мы применяем его при построении ИТ-инфраструктуры заказчика, зная на практике о том, как то или иное оборудование работает.

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IT-GRAD Company offers its solutions on organization of business mail based on Microsoft® Exchange Server. Exchange is a safe and reliable corporate platform to exchange messages which provides great abilities of work with email and calendar; it guarantees high security and flexibility.

Now you can:

  • have a personal email  with user friendly interface without too much advertisements, unwanted announcements and limitations with a unique name. You can create mailboxes for all the members of your family, small company and partners.
  • choose a short and memorable address at your choice.
  • automatically schedule appointments. Do you want to organize any important for you event quickly and easily? Now the program will do it for you! You just need to choose time, place and participants and the program will automatically check guests’ free time, offer the most convenient meeting time and notify all the participants. They will just need to confirm this time or to suggest a new one.

We offer mailboxes with a personal domain name (for example, name@surname.ru) and aliases (alias is a pseudonym, an alternative [optional] name). You can use these alternative addresses instead of your primary email address so that it will not be listed in spam mailings, for example, when making purchases through online store. Correspondence incoming to the alias is automatically redirected to the primary mailbox. Just disable or remove unneeded additional address after use.

As it is known, an average user uses MS Office package abilities at less than 5% of its functionality; this statement is also true for Microsoft Exchange. In order to fully deploy Exchange corporate mail qualified specialists and sufficiently long implementation time are required. At the rental SaaS model, you can connect email based on Exchange for your company and enjoy the benefits of its use without long waiting and large financial costs. Connection period is 1-2 days depending on the number of your mailboxes.

Please note that our Exchange corporate mail hosting service provides great opportunities for effective business and collaboration organization in addition to direct mail service. Please read below which “turn-key” options you can get in their work.

Now you are always connected, no matter where you are!

Microsoft Exchange Business Mail Abilities

As it is known, an average user uses MS Office package abilities at less than 5% of its functionality; this statement is also true for Microsoft Exchange. Here are the main features of Exchange server which will help you to use it at 100%:

  • Access to email management, calendar and tasks from a single mailbox from the familiar Outlook program.
  • Access from mobile devices.. Most cell phones support ActiveSync protocol which will allow you to work with email regardless of your location; you can quickly reply to emails, use corporate contacts directory and synchronize your contacts. And thanks to Push-mail technology all the messages arrive immediately, you do not need to check email manually and wait for its loading.
  • Calendars and invitations processingYou do not have to worry about your schedule relevance - proposals for new appointments and changes will come automatically and you can choose convenient for all the meeting participants time, appoint, move and notify about the time change in just a few actions or in automatic mode.
  • Contacts and photographs. You have met a new partner at the exhibition or conference? Write down his contact information in the phone, take a picture with the integrated camera and attach the photo to the contact - in a moment all this information will already be at your work computer. You do not need to rewrite information manually and to remember how the new partner looks like anymore.
  • Remote access. For a long time, all the Exchange Server abilities can also be used outside the corporate network; it requires only access to the Internet (GSM-network, connection via Wi-Fi at the airports, hotels and restaurants, etc.).
  • Security. . It is safe! All the data are transmitted in encrypted form. If you do not enter the password on your computer or mobile device access to the server with information will be blocked. In case of loss or theft of the communicator you can (via web interface) initiate deleting all the information from the device by yourself so that it will not come into the hands of competitors or criminals.
  • Protection against viruses and spam. Highly professional and reliable Microsoft Forefront Security is used.
  • Outlook Web Access.This tool allows you to access your mailbox through a standard browser (you can use Internet Explorer, Safari and FireFox) regardless of your location, you only need to have access to the Internet (GSM-network, connection via Wi-Fi at the airports, hotels and restaurants, etc.). You can access your mailbox through a standard web browser, for example from the Internet cafes. And if there is, for example, a voice message in your mailbox you can make your mail server call to any phone number (of the same Internet cafe) in order to listen to this message.
  • Outlook Voice Access. Unbelievable but it turns out that you can call to your mailbox, listen to messages and even reply to a mail and do many other things (only in English yet). 
  • Unified Messaging – voice messages and faxes. If you have missed a call, Exchange Server will enable an answering machine, record the message and send it to you in the form of email with an attached sound file. The same goes for faxes: now you can get rid of unnecessary papers - fax messages also come into your «Inbox» in the form of emails with attachments.

Advantages of Exchange Rental Cloud Solution

1. Minimum of lump-sum costs.  You do not need to purchase expensive equipment and software licenses. There is no need to hire extra administrators or to train the existing ones. You connect the service and start paying a monthly fee for the actual number of mailboxes.

2. Flexibility and scalability. . You do not need to purchase expensive equipment and software licenses. There is no need to hire extra administrators or to train the existing ones. You connect the service and start paying a monthly fee for the actual number of mailboxes.

3. The shortest terms You immediately get the ready product and do not bear any costs of installation, administration and support of equipment operability.

4. Reliability and safety We use quality equipment of the known manufacturers hosted in a specialized data processing center of Tier 3 Category to store and process your mail. 

5. You get the opportunity to legally use Microsoft Outlook latest version.

Advantages of Exchange Mail Server Hosting

Today, almost all the companies regardless of their size use email because email is a great tool for building effective business communications: communication with customers, business partners, suppliers, and for sharing documents with them. It is also an effective tool for organizing interaction between the company's employees: sending documents, planning events using calendar, saving correspondence history.

There are several ways to organize email system inside the company:

  • Use free email systems (yandex.ru, gmail.com, mail.ru and others.)
  • Organization of your own mail server
  • Hosting the mail server from the provider

But not all the variants are an ideal solution for building an effective email system.

Free email does not meet safety requirements, does not have the necessary business functionality and does not have a positive impact on the company’s image.

Using your own email server implies high costs

  • Purchase of equipment
  • Purchase of the necessary licensed software
  • Allocation of IT specialists for service and performance support

IT-GRAD Company offers the service on hosting mail server, business mail based on Microsoft Exchange Server.

If earlier advantages of organizing mail based on Microsoft Exchange Server could be used only by large companies with sufficient funds for independent deployment of this solution, now these advantages are available even for small business.

  • Access to email management, calendar, contacts and tasks from a single mailbox using the familiar Outlook program.
  • Centralized data storage.
  • Secure viruses and spam protection.
  • Access to mailbox from mobile devices.
  • Access to mailbox through a standard browser if an employee is out of office.
  • Full integration with other Microsoft applications.
  • Monitoring the degree of employees’ occupancy through the shared access to calendar and tasks.
  • Quick setting of tasks and monitoring of their implementation online.
FunctionsFree emailExchange Mail

Sending and receiving emailsyesyes
Centralized data storagenoyes
Personal contacts, calendar, tasksnoyes
Access to shared files and foldersnoyes
Shared access to calendar and tasksnoyes

Access from mobile devicesyesyes
OWA - Access via browseryesyes
Work in offline modenoyes
Voice messages and faxesnoyes

Professional antispamnoyes
Professional antivirusnoyes
Encrypting data (IMAP protocol)noyes

Integration with other Microsoft applicationsnoyes

Exchange for Windows Phone

Microsoft Windows® Phone 7 was designed to combine business and personal life in one powerful smartphone. Using Exchange set at Windows Phone you will get control of one of important business applications which will always be under control at any time regardless of your location. Windows Phone 7 device with the set Exchange allows you to manage email, to schedule, to establish business contacts and to manage them.

Use of Windows Phone 7 with connected Exchange corporate mail hosting service gives you and your employees the following advantages:

  • the only phone with Outlook Mobile which will help to organize your work and to manage your personal email and calendars;
  • full compatibility with Outlook within the outgoing and incoming mail including attachments;
  • transparent synchronization of calendars, calendar management by phone;
  • quick search in mailbox;
  • ability to view, edit and synchronize office documents if there is Office Mobile;
  • filter of corporate and personal email with support for several Outlook Mobile accounts. Ability to filter by unread, urgent, tagged photos.

Feedback from Aleksey Domannikov, Deputy Head of the Automation Department of LLC “Mitsar”

“We faced the problem of cleaning mail of large spam and viruses volumes. IT-GRAD provided us with a virtual server and with the necessary number of Spam Titan Licenses corresponding to the current needs of the company.”

See all feedbacks

R. Venediktova, General Director of LLC “Prometey”

“For more than two years this company has been providing us with services of virtual infrastructure organizing based on VMware technology. Our business is telecommunication services, billing of which is one of the critical business tasks of “Prometey” Company. Due to “IT-GRAD”’s technical solutions the billing of our services is provided at the highest level.”

See all feedbacks

Andrey Okhrimenko, IT Director of “Boutique.ru” Online Store

“At this point we have abandoned 30 work stations and transferred our clients to the virtual desktops based on VMware View Solution, deployed in “IT-GRAD”’s public cloud. Workstations infrastructure has been arranged in a standard form which facilitates its support, reduces incidents response time and facilitates the process of input/output of new workplaces for the employees.”

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General Director of LLC “Komplekt”

“Our company has been cooperating with “IT-GRAD” for a long time. We use such services as workplace organization, OCS telephony, 1C Rent and mail server hosting. Thanks to the company experts’ work all our employees bring a significant contribution to the business development.”

See all feedbacks

Elena Ivaschenko, Deputy General Director of LLC “Mosregionvent”

“For two years we have been successfully partnered with IT-GRAD. We rent 1C: Accounting 8.2 and 1C: Trade Management 8.2 Configuration. These configurations have been finalized by IT-GRAD’s technical specialists in accordance with our wishes, for what we express special thanks to them.”

See all feedbacks

Vyacheslav Karpuhin, CIO of “ARMAKS Group”

“Two virtual servers have been organized on the basis of the dedicated infrastructure: Terminal Server + 1C server and DB server. This approach to IT organization has enabled us to provide high-quality infrastructure for accountants and to avoid capital expenditures.”

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Marina Shevchenko, Director of LLC “Poverenniy” (Accounting Outsourcing)

“We are attracted by the data security in “IT-GRAD”’s “cloud” service. We can be sure that only licensed software and protected space will be used.”

See all feedbacks

Boris Greydinger, CIO of ESET Company

“We are satisfied with the quality of services provided by “IT-GRAD” Company. We can mention the quality of technical support and readiness to provide all necessary consultations quickly and efficiently. We are ready to recommend “IT-GRAD”’s virtual machines rent as a flexible solution allowing to avoid substantial costs on building your own infrastructure.”

See all feedbacks

Pavel Vlasov, Director of “Information Services of the Housing and Communal Services”

“While working with “IT-GRAD”’s team we have identified the following advantages of the used services: availability, price, flexibility and capacity of VMware platform itself. It is convenient to update our systems after making a full backup of the virtual machine, or a snapshot with the ability to roll back very quickly...

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