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Our IaaS e-book for brick by brick business for general and commercial directors

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Пионеры в своей отрасли

Пионеры в своей отрасли

Первый в России VMware Service Provider.

Первая компания, предоставляющая услугу Аренда 1С на базе 1С: Предприятие 8.2.

Первый в России Центр компетенции NetApp.

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IT Outsourcing (ITaaS)


Outsourcing is no longer just a fashion trend modern business, it is an urgent need nowadays. Optimization of costs, increase of efficiency and manageability, service approach - it is a necessity for any company which wants to develop dynamically today. And first of all, attention is paid to non-core functions, among which in most cases IT is in the first place, both by cost volume, criticality to the business and complexity of the tasks to be solved.

With years of experience in solving such problems in the interests of our customers IT-GRAD Company is pleased to offer this experience to those who have not become our clients yet. 

We offer a full range of cooperation variants:

  • Professionals’ time rent (so called outstaffing)
  • Design works outsourcing
  • Support services outsourcing
  • IT Management outsourcing

IT-Outsourcing from IT-GRAD - it is… 

…Modern. . As experience of the leading sectors in Russia and the world shows, only companies with developed IT can effectively compete in new conditions, at that, without bearing excessive costs of it. The way to this is to buy the service from professionals at market price, and only the very service you really need. IT-GRAD offers a wide range of IT outsourcing services, from design and implementation to professional support of a large number of applications and services for various purposes. All our services are provided with internal quality standards based on many years of our experience of IT services implementation and operation.

…Profitable. . You pay only for the services you need without spending on hiring, training, retaining and motivating such a complicated category of staff as the IT specialists and without bearing corresponding risks. Actually you buy only the very part of specialist’s time you need; the very professional you need; with that, you evaluate his work by the result.

…Convenient. . You enter into contractual relations with the company, IT service provider, which takes responsibility for the quality of services, criteria of which are fixed in transparent and understandable for you SLA. Whether you are a business or IT manager, system administrator in a small company or a private person - IT-GRAD and you speak the same language.

... Promising. .In a rapidly changing world, IT infrastructure requirements are constantly changing. Working with IT-GRAD you can always be sure that your new ideas and suggestions will find understanding, support and creative development at us. Constantly working in a wide market segment (hardware, software, cloud technologies, communication), we are aware of the most current trends and international experience in solving urgent problems.

CompetitorsOur advantages
Our own IT employees on the state

Efficiency, transparency and the results monitoring.

Without extra costs the client receives:
  • wide range of services
  • comprehensive approach to solving tasks
  • single point of responsibility

Responsibility, contract, non-cash payments.
Certified specialists

Without extra costs the client receives:
  • wide range of services
  • comprehensive approach to solving tasks
  • single point of responsibility
IT consulters Comprehensive approach.

Certified specialists with practical experience in:
  • IT services implementation and operation
  • projects realization
  • management in IT sphere
System integrators
  • Long-term cooperation, implemented services support.
  • Flexible approach, we take up the smaller projects.
  • Advanced technologies, certified specialists in relevant areas.

Here we will try to draw a portrait of our potential customer. We are convinced that the cooperation model proposed by us will be interesting to the widest range of consumers regardless of the tasks, scale and maturity level of IT processes.

Small companies. They are usually characterized by relatively low IT infrastructure requirements and therefore costs of even one full-time IT specialist appear excessive. The cheapest way to solve this problem is to hire an employee temporarily to implement a service or on a part-time basis to maintain its working capacity. 

However, you must understand which risks you bear in these conditions: trying to compete at the market at price (otherwise he will not survive), a freelancer does not exert force on quality which seems excessive to him: a wide range of solutions mastering, certified training, legal registration of his obligations. As a result, relationships with such a “partner” come at a high cost: blown deadlines, broken promises, poor quality work done - this quickly and directly impacts on small business and absence of ability to control the result makes it difficult to manage these risks. 

On the contrary, working with IT-GRAD you always deal with qualified specialists in that very particular area where you need a solution and of that very level (nothing more nor less) which is required to solve your specific tasks. You do not overpay for excessive qualification where it is not necessary; with that, quality criteria in particular work areas are fixed in the contract and are provided by internal IT-GRAD’s standards.

Medium business. The company intentionally invests in IT development, often imposing high requirements for quality (and quantity) characteristics of IT services. IT development is planned, there is a staff of specialists, costs of this direction may be quite large.

The main problem faced by IT in such a company is insufficiency of resources to solve ambitious tasks. Work of basic IT services is more or less tuned, but their support absorbs most of time and specialists, and yet you also need to improve the quality of IT services, their security, to implement and develop new solutions.…

IT-GRAD comes to the rescue, with its impressive set of ready-made solutions, experience in design and implementation of “turn-key” IT services, certified professionals of any level which are ready to work for you at hourly or piece rates, under your guidance or independently.

Big business.  The company considers IT as a critical for business, strategic direction. CIO is a member of the Board of Directors and participates in forming business strategy. IT direction has its own budget; it is subordinated to corporate standards and actively affects them. The scope of IT activity and responsibility can be compared with a small company which builds relationships with other departments on contractual and sometimes on commercial basis. In these circumstances, the purpose of CIOs is to properly dispose the available budget; and solution of this problem on your own is not always more effective than engaging service from outside. We can say that at this stage, the problem of non-core activity arises owed to IT department as at is and it is traditionally and successfully solved with the help of outsourcing. This may be implementation of individual projects, support for individual services or service complexes, performing audits, implementation of processes and so on and so forth.

High tech companies.  As a rule, the main production facilities of these companies are in the field of “pure IT”. They actively use modern means of communication, cloud technologies, mobile access - all the things that are the basic profile of our activity, in which our professional level is particularly high. Oddly enough, or rather expectedly, IT management in such companies is often not a resource intensive task (due to extraordinary flexibility and mobility of resources and due to use of advanced technologies for business management); in such cases we are happy to undertake the full IT direction support including its strategic development.

To understand the price list structure, we offer to get acquainted with the basic principles of providing IT outsourcing service.

The subject of the service is professional execution of tasks and realization of works in the field of information technologies.

The service is provided in the following directions:

  • IT Outsourcing (execution of works and provision of services to obtain a specific result)
  • IT Outstaffing (specialist’s time rental to perform tasks set by the Customer)
  • IT Consulting (advisory assistance in formulating and solving tasks in the IT sphere)

Within the framework of the mentioned directions, the works can be divided into:

  • one-time / project (deployment or modification of IT service, design, choice of solutions, auditing of the existing infrastructure, solving specific problems)
  • regular (repeated one-time works paid at a discount)
  • maintenance / administration (continuously performed works in order to provide the defined constant level of work quality of a particular IT service)

IT-GRAD Company has resources to perform the full range of works within the life cycle of a large number of IT services, from design and implementation to maintenance, problem solving, auditing quality and quantity characteristics of the service and giving recommendations for its improvement.

In each of the knowledge areas we offer services of specialists of different qualifications:

  • Engineer (able to perform most of the common tasks within a given subject area, to solve simple problems, and also to work to a good quality as instructed)
  • Administrator (able to perform most of the non-standard tasks, to solve complex problems, to conduct instruction within operation policy defined for the service)
  • Architect (able to develop a service deployment plan and its operation policy, taking into account business requirements))

In case of Outstaffing, cost of specialists’ works depends on their qualification.

Cost of works as part of Outsourcing Outsourcing is estimated based on the costs of time spent by different specialists involved in solving the given task.

Consulting and analytical services in the majority of cases are estimated as work of an Architect level specialist.

We have preliminary estimated common complex tasks as part of operating popular solutions and in the price list we offer you guiding prices which may change both upwards and downwards depending on conditions of the signed contract.

Works on installation and basic configuration generally include:

  • Installation of the current firmware / software versions, license activation
  • Setting and optimization under the Customer’s needs
  • Setting of security equipment
  • Training basic maintenance skills of 1 Customer’s specialist (no more than 1 hour)

Administration) tasks (constant support) of various solutions are evaluated on the basis of a typical scope of work to provide IT services operation and include:

  • Upgrading software versions (in case of initial installation by our technicians)
  • Setting and optimization under the Customer’s needs
  • Setting and updating of security equipment
  • Solving emerging problems in 8x5 mode
  • Receiving requests via IT-GRAD Service Desk (no more than 3 contact persons) in 24x7 mode
  • Processing of applications in 8x5 mode, no more than 1 hour per month

Installation/ Administration Works DO NOT** include by default:

  • Complex software improvements
  • Consultations on products administration

** - These services are provided under Outstaffingconditions.

If it is necessary to perform works or provide services in another mode or in another scope, the corresponding conditions are fixed in SLA, cost of services is revaluated.

Feedback from Aleksey Domannikov, Deputy Head of the Automation Department of LLC “Mitsar”

“We faced the problem of cleaning mail of large spam and viruses volumes. IT-GRAD provided us with a virtual server and with the necessary number of Spam Titan Licenses corresponding to the current needs of the company.”

See all feedbacks

R. Venediktova, General Director of LLC “Prometey”

“For more than two years this company has been providing us with services of virtual infrastructure organizing based on VMware technology. Our business is telecommunication services, billing of which is one of the critical business tasks of “Prometey” Company. Due to “IT-GRAD”’s technical solutions the billing of our services is provided at the highest level.”

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Andrey Okhrimenko, IT Director of “Boutique.ru” Online Store

“At this point we have abandoned 30 work stations and transferred our clients to the virtual desktops based on VMware View Solution, deployed in “IT-GRAD”’s public cloud. Workstations infrastructure has been arranged in a standard form which facilitates its support, reduces incidents response time and facilitates the process of input/output of new workplaces for the employees.”

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General Director of LLC “Komplekt”

“Our company has been cooperating with “IT-GRAD” for a long time. We use such services as workplace organization, OCS telephony, 1C Rent and mail server hosting. Thanks to the company experts’ work all our employees bring a significant contribution to the business development.”

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Elena Ivaschenko, Deputy General Director of LLC “Mosregionvent”

“For two years we have been successfully partnered with IT-GRAD. We rent 1C: Accounting 8.2 and 1C: Trade Management 8.2 Configuration. These configurations have been finalized by IT-GRAD’s technical specialists in accordance with our wishes, for what we express special thanks to them.”

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Vyacheslav Karpuhin, CIO of “ARMAKS Group”

“Two virtual servers have been organized on the basis of the dedicated infrastructure: Terminal Server + 1C server and DB server. This approach to IT organization has enabled us to provide high-quality infrastructure for accountants and to avoid capital expenditures.”

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Marina Shevchenko, Director of LLC “Poverenniy” (Accounting Outsourcing)

“We are attracted by the data security in “IT-GRAD”’s “cloud” service. We can be sure that only licensed software and protected space will be used.”

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Boris Greydinger, CIO of ESET Company

“We are satisfied with the quality of services provided by “IT-GRAD” Company. We can mention the quality of technical support and readiness to provide all necessary consultations quickly and efficiently. We are ready to recommend “IT-GRAD”’s virtual machines rent as a flexible solution allowing to avoid substantial costs on building your own infrastructure.”

See all feedbacks

Pavel Vlasov, Director of “Information Services of the Housing and Communal Services”

“While working with “IT-GRAD”’s team we have identified the following advantages of the used services: availability, price, flexibility and capacity of VMware platform itself. It is convenient to update our systems after making a full backup of the virtual machine, or a snapshot with the ability to roll back very quickly...

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