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At year-end of 2015 “IT-GRAD” group of companies successfully passed the audit for compliance with PCI DSS requirements having certified not only the physical hosting, like most service providers do today, but also its virtual infrastructure and management processes. “IT-GRAD” has become one of Russia's first service providers with managed PCI DSS services, or MSP-provider (PCI DSS Managed Service Provider). This certification enables us to provide in accordance with the standard requirements not only the physical hosting and equipment rental services, but also the virtual infrastructure rental in IaaS model and also infrastructure administration and management.

As part of the obtained MSP status “IT-GRAD” provides cloud in IaaS model, certified according to PCI DSS, ensuring safe payment cards handling for organizations which have placed their infrastructure at the side of the cloud provider where cardholder’s data are stored, processed, or transmitted. “IT-GRAD” takes responsibility to fulfill the mandatory requirements of the standard from the physical protection of the hosted servers up to operating systems administration and also provides compliance with safety requirements ensuring the cloud infrastructure protection and continuous monitoring of its safety.

“Migration of critically important systems beyond the internal infrastructure of the company is associated with a high level of confidence. In this situation, the client must be confident in the reliability of the chosen provider and in that confidential information processing occurs securely and that security violation threats are minimized. We have implemented a complete set of security mechanisms to reliably monitor and protect client systems in “IT-GRAD”. We follow and meet requirements of federal legislation in the field of information security, mandatory industrial standards and practices of regular independent audits. Due to internal regulations and practices of the company, “IT-GRAD” is focused on protection of its customers’ data. In order to gain trust and to provide systems and cardholders’ data protection we have been certified for compliance with PCI DSS v.3.1 Standard,” - comments Dmitry Tretyakov, Information Security Manager of “IT-GRAD”.

“Provided managed services in the context of the cloud in IaaS model certified according to PCI DSS are very relevant for the Russian market. Peculiarity of such services is not only in providing equipment for rent by the supplier but also virtual infrastructure rent as well as the ability of its administration in accordance with PCI DSS requirements. This service is particularly useful for small trade and service enterprises and for service providers which do not have their own IT and IS departments. Contacting a certified supplier, such as “IT-GRAD”, helps companies to simplify the certification process according to PCI DSS Standard and to protect cardholders’ data at a high level”, - marks Petr Shapovalov, Information Security Engineer of LLC “Deuterium”, PCI QSA.

Using the cloud in IaaS model certified according to PCI DSS, organizations will be able to significantly improve the level of card data environment security reducing the risk of financial loss from all kinds of incidents in the field of information security. Within the passed by “IT-GRAD” audit for compliance with PCI DSS Standard requirements, the service on using the certified cloud in IaaS model will help companies to take advantage of outsourcing in the field of compliance with the standard requirements more fully, focusing on the development of their business.

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Feedback from Aleksey Domannikov, Deputy Head of the Automation Department of LLC “Mitsar”

“We faced the problem of cleaning mail of large spam and viruses volumes. IT-GRAD provided us with a virtual server and with the necessary number of Spam Titan Licenses corresponding to the current needs of the company.”

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R. Venediktova, General Director of LLC “Prometey”

“For more than two years this company has been providing us with services of virtual infrastructure organizing based on VMware technology. Our business is telecommunication services, billing of which is one of the critical business tasks of “Prometey” Company. Due to “IT-GRAD”’s technical solutions the billing of our services is provided at the highest level.”

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Andrey Okhrimenko, IT Director of “Boutique.ru” Online Store

“At this point we have abandoned 30 work stations and transferred our clients to the virtual desktops based on VMware View Solution, deployed in “IT-GRAD”’s public cloud. Workstations infrastructure has been arranged in a standard form which facilitates its support, reduces incidents response time and facilitates the process of input/output of new workplaces for the employees.”

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General Director of LLC “Komplekt”

“Our company has been cooperating with “IT-GRAD” for a long time. We use such services as workplace organization, OCS telephony, 1C Rent and mail server hosting. Thanks to the company experts’ work all our employees bring a significant contribution to the business development.”

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Elena Ivaschenko, Deputy General Director of LLC “Mosregionvent”

“For two years we have been successfully partnered with IT-GRAD. We rent 1C: Accounting 8.2 and 1C: Trade Management 8.2 Configuration. These configurations have been finalized by IT-GRAD’s technical specialists in accordance with our wishes, for what we express special thanks to them.”

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Vyacheslav Karpuhin, CIO of “ARMAKS Group”

“Two virtual servers have been organized on the basis of the dedicated infrastructure: Terminal Server + 1C server and DB server. This approach to IT organization has enabled us to provide high-quality infrastructure for accountants and to avoid capital expenditures.”

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Marina Shevchenko, Director of LLC “Poverenniy” (Accounting Outsourcing)

“We are attracted by the data security in “IT-GRAD”’s “cloud” service. We can be sure that only licensed software and protected space will be used.”

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Boris Greydinger, CIO of ESET Company

“We are satisfied with the quality of services provided by “IT-GRAD” Company. We can mention the quality of technical support and readiness to provide all necessary consultations quickly and efficiently. We are ready to recommend “IT-GRAD”’s virtual machines rent as a flexible solution allowing to avoid substantial costs on building your own infrastructure.”

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Pavel Vlasov, Director of “Information Services of the Housing and Communal Services”

“While working with “IT-GRAD”’s team we have identified the following advantages of the used services: availability, price, flexibility and capacity of VMware platform itself. It is convenient to update our systems after making a full backup of the virtual machine, or a snapshot with the ability to roll back very quickly...

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